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This is our standard model which is simply elegant. high-stretched fabric fits your body perfect and enhance the beautiful silhouette. Try experience SILVETA JEANS from this standard model. Wearable for all seasons. <SILVETA PREMIUM JEANS> SILVETA JEANS are made in KOJIMA, JAPAN as known as where the world's finest jeans brands are today produced. Each pieces are all hand made by KOJIMA's artisans. The textile is 2-way stretch with soft touch gives you comfort and body curves. You can also insert FORMA, our original hip pads into the inside back pockets to bring out glamorous curves and make hip point higher. RIVETS are made of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTSⓇ [Accessories] FORMA (Silicone Hip pads) [Composition] 70% cotton,28% polyester ,2% spandex  [Size] XS,S, M,L MADE IN JAPAN [Size Guide] SIZE 【XS】US SIZE 0-2 / European SIZE 32-34 SIZE 【S】US SIZE 2-4 / European SIZE 34-36 SIZE【M】US SIZE 4-6 / European SIZE 36-38 SIZE【L】US SIZE 6-8 / European SIZE 38-40 We use 2-way stretch fabrics for this product. Choose smaller size if you prefer tight fit. Review the measurements of leg opening and extended size. Waist【XS】60〜65cm【S】68~77cm【M】73~82cm【L】76~84.5cm Front Rize【XS】24cm【S】24cm【M】24.5㎝【L】25㎝ Inseam【XS】75.5cm【S】75.5cm【M】78.5㎝【L】80cm Bottom Hem 【XS】24〜31cm【S】26〜31cm【M】27〜33cm【L】27.5〜34.5cm Hips【XS】72〜78【S】76~89cm【M】82~89cm【L】84~91cm